I Am Sending You

  • Prioritize those who have nothing. Go to those who have no one to advocate for them, no one to hear them, no one to attend to their needs. Go to the harassed, the mistreated, the oppressed, and the exhausted. Knock on their doors, and place yourselves at their service. Humbly accept their hospitality. Learn the art of dependence. Do not live and minister above or apart from the people you wish to help — live among them. Engage them. And do so deeply.
  • Choose poverty, simplicity, and vulnerability. Carry no weapons. Stockpile no resources. Have no back-up. Abandon your egotism. Do not parade in like a savior, basking in pomp and circumstance. Lead instead with quietness, gentleness, curiosity, and humility. Insofar as it depends on you, keep, make, and share the peace. Remember that power has been given to you for one reason, and one reason only: so that you can give it away.
  • Don’t be foolish. Be wise. Be attentive. Listen. Know the complexities of the world in which you move. Make every effort to understand what’s happening beneath the surfaces. Be pure of heart, but don’t revel in ignorance, flatten reality, or mistake naïveté for faith.
  • When you’ve done all of the above — in other words, when you get all of this just right — expect life to get pretty grim. Know that lots of folks will distrust you. Understand that many well-meaning people will yell and scream at you. Expect to get rejected, called out, wounded, beaten. Don’t be surprised when your life gets uncomfortable. This is what success looks like.
  • Do not despair. You are not alone. The Spirit of God is with you, and the Spirit will give you the words you need and the courage you lack. Remember, grace abounds, so don’t lose heart. The one who endures to the end will be saved.




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Dan Clendenin

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