Hank Greely on Gene-edited Humans

Dan Clendenin
2 min readJun 6, 2021


By Dan Clendenin

Hank Greely is no stranger to JWJ. On May 17, 2017 we posted a Conversation Interview with Hank Called “The Brave New World of Biotechnology,” by JWJ board member Brie Linkenhoker. See here. Hank is the Deane F. and Kate Edelman Johnson Professor of Law at Stanford University; Director, Center for Law and the Biosciences; Professor (by courtesy) of Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine; Chair, Steering Committee of the Center for Biomedical Ethics; and Director, Stanford Program in Neuroscience and Society.

Hank Greely.

In his new book CRISPR People: The Science and Ethics of Editing Humans (MIT Press, 2021), Hank explores the controversy surrounding the Chinese scientist He Jiankui and the birth of the twin girls whose DNA had been edited while they were embryos. The twins were the world’s first “gene-edited humans.” See my review of this new book here. The following one-hour interview with Hank considers the broad-ranging issues surrounding this complicated topic. It’s called “Designer Babies?” The interview is by Aaron Freiwald and comes from the podcast website Good Law | Bad Law (February 5, 2021 podcast).

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